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Changing Your Gaming Aspirations into Reality

The mobile gaming industry holds tremendous potential; therefore, every gaming studio endeavors to enter this domain by providing larger-than-life experiences for the worldwide gaming community. We deliver top-quality UX with supreme end-to-end execution. Our developers seek to provide remarkable gaming experiences that captivate your urge to play more!

When playing games on mobile devices, users seek cross-platform compatibility and ease-of-use. At Prime Design Agency, we develop a compatible and user-friendly interface to enhance the overall gaming experience. We infuse our years of experience in mobile game development to deliver flawless games with stunning graphics.

We can help you fulfill your dreams to become the next big gaming studio in this arena. From conceptualizing your game to coding, development, and deployment, we take care of all your specifics to engage the global gaming community.

Our professional designers sit with you, discuss, and understand your game development requirement before deploying it over the Android PlayStore or Apple App Store.

Look at the Games We Can Develop

Arcade Games

We can develop addictive arcade games to keep your user engaged.

Educational Games

We know how to seamlessly deliver knowledge, learning, and entertainment through educational games.

Isometric Games

Our unique and high-graphic isometric ideas captivate gamer’s attention and keep them entertained.

3D Games

The 3D games designed by our team has unique characters, high graphics, and distinctive features.

Interactive Design Ideas and Solutions to Generate Optimal Brand Value!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Application is a program that supports your phone to use third-party apps downloaded from online stores.

Mobile apps can easily be downloaded and installed on your device from the designated app stores, whereas mobile web means all those web portals that run on a default web browser in your phone.

Yes. Mobile apps use encryption while accessing your data, meaning no personal information from the phone is shared with any third party if not permitted by the user.

Both the mobile app and mobile website allow you to log in to multiple accounts on your phone and access your information. You will see information from your selected accounts, respectively.

No. You need to set up your multiple accounts one by one using the customer portal. You can only use one account at a time.

Oh yes. All the information in the mobile app or mobile web is always accurate as it’s shown in real-time. You might need to refresh your info tab if it is left open for an extended period.

There are some apps that are free to download and install. However, some mobile app developing platforms charge for using their apps.

Adding new features, bug fixes, release updates, improve functionality, and much more. These are daily basis tasks to maintain the developed app.

Yes, of course. We encourage our customers to inform us about any app design idea that they might like and would like to integrate within their design specs.

Realize infinite prospects and manage everything seamlessly!

Prime Design Agency offers the most advanced and state-of-the-art online dashboard to its customers. Our clients can periodically analyze and oversee different aspects of their projects under one roof. From placing new orders to upgrading your existing projects, you can get all that done with ease!

See what our customers have to say about us!

Timmy Williams

It was a pleasure working with the Prime Design Agency development and communications team. Our app was built on time, and we were able to launch it in just a few months. It was a great effort by the development team. The app is a reliable product and works perfectly. All thanks to PDA, we are now heading towards our next app development.

January 18, 2019

Tori Renae

I was really impressed with the diversity and quality of Prime Design Agency’s work. The positive reviews about hassle-free services by PDA made it easy for me to select it as a reliable development partner. I talked to half a dozen companies regarding my project. Unfortunately, none of them succeeded in convincing me. PDA took me as a potential client and professionally explained everything. The entire team was proactive, hardworking, and helped me in every way possible.

January 16, 2019

Libby Margot

It’s been wonderful to work with an agency having a good team of developers. My idea was turned into a magical app by Prime Design Agency. I was afraid that creating such an application won’t be easy. But thanks to the PDA development team, their flexibility to work on my mobile application was terrific, and it gave me a reliable product in the end.

January 15, 2019

Chelsey Parker

Before the deadline, I received a call from Prime Design Agency, informing me that my project has been completed. It seemed unbelievable to me as previous companies spent over 6 months on it and still left it incomplete. PDA team of skilled developers worked tirelessly on the app development and did an impressive job by completing it in less than the expected time. I must say it was a fantastic experience for me to work with this agency. 5 stars.

January 14, 2019